4 Reasons Solo Bloggers are better

One of the biggest things business bloggers struggle with is gaining influence or establishing thought leadership in their field.

When it comes to influence, individuals sometimes seem to outperform company bloggers even though companies can have much larger marketing budgets and staff.

1.Company Bloggers Don’t Self Disclose as Frequently

Personal self-disclosure is rarely encouraged and often not required for bloggers working for a company and many company blogs instead focus strictly on providing information, problem solving and promoting the company. While openness and telling stories are not required for success with content marketing, self-disclosure can be a powerful way to connect with your audience.

2.Successful Solo Bloggers are Long-Term Minded

Successful solo bloggers will keep blogging and improving until they succeed.

To compete with solo bloggers, companies should ask themselves if they are ready to pursue content marketing as a long-term strategy. Using metrics isn’t a bad practice, but companies need to understand that influence and traffic will grow and accelerate over time rather than produce an immediate return.

3.Solo Bloggers Often Start off with No Experience

Another reason that companies fail with influence is that most company executives like to hire someone that already has experience and influence. However, once an individual figures out how to excel at blogging, they can often launch their own business or they are often difficult to hire as other companies are pursuing them.

4.Successful Solo Influencers Are More Relationship-Focused

Forming relationships and collaborating helps individual bloggers succeed, whereas company bloggers don’t need to network with others to succeed at their job. To alleviate this issue, companies can educate their marketers about the importance of relationships and create training to instruct their employees how to engage other bloggers and influencers

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