Colour in marketing

Generally, you want your content to resonate with your audience in some way and for them to react and engage with your marketing. Whether you want to educate, inform or excite, your choice of colour can help you evoke an emotion and that all-important action.

Each brand has an identity that it has carved over the years which showcases its personality and offerings. It’s these colours and styles that make brands instantly recognisable to their audience and prospective customers. It can sometimes take decades to build a repertoire of colours that go well together and that people will recognise your brand from.

The part colour plays in branding is integral to your overall brand identity. Taking Coca Cola as an example, it’s certainly no coincidence that red is the brand’s colour. Red is a supreme colour that’s considered to be full of energy, strength, passion and power. Perhaps this is why red seems so fitting for Level.

A user’s online experience should be smooth, so use fonts that make your site as easy to read as possible. Dark text on a light background is the most widely used as it’s the most reliable, so whilst you may be tempted to use an all-singing, all-dancing typography, this may turn off your users and subsequently make them click off. But at the end of the day we are not psychologist’s, just marketers and we stick to what we’re good at.

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