More data, better marketing?

Marketing is being transformed by our ability to collect and manage data. The collection of comprehensive data about customers and their behaviour promised marketers unprecedented insight into the effectiveness of their services, including of course where they should spend more and where they had been wasting their budget.

The fact that underlying marketing principles have stayed the same (put the right stuff, in front of the right people) throughout this growth in the accessibility of data begs the question why hasn’t marketing become more successful?

How not to do things with data

Have marketers been getting their relationship with data wrong? It’s simple really; the answer is never in the data. In fact the best way to get the answer is to forget about the data. In scientific inquiry, trawling through existing data is rarely conducive to innovation. Trying to piece new things together from the mass of what you already know is an aimless, hopeless endeavour. You become a prisoner of conventional wisdom, reaching ever narrower, less original conclusions, with an increasing likelihood of being wrong.

How to do things with data

More effective creative for their content is what is required. Being innovative and making people stop and take notice because of a creative headline can be much more valuable than the data itself. There is a tendency to over analyse things such as headlines and content, worrying that a ‘new’ idea won’t perform as well as the last concept. But in a world where there is so much content, standout is surely more important than being ‘me too’.

So take a risk and do something a bit different, always be creative!

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