How important Is influencer marketing?

Using influencers is a very important practice for many brands and businesses because it aids the growth of a brand and business through creating awareness and engagement. Marketing has evolved throughout the years, but there has never been a question of a business not doing their marketing. Without marketing, a business cannot hope to grow and thrive for long.

Influencer marketing is a type of “word of mouth,” marketing because it relies heavily on the element of trust. In traditional word of mouth marketing, a brand or business gains new customers because individuals look into a product or service a trusted friend or family member has recommended. In influencer marketing, this level of a trusted recommendation comes on a much bigger scale thanks to social media. Followers tend to trust who they are following, and if a particular person makes a recommendation, their followers are highly likely to check out who and what the recommendation is for.

This type of marketing is a great way to grow brand awareness and increase the number of potential customers visiting your site and viewing your content. Brand awareness almost exclusively refers to the number of views blog posts and videos receive, and how much interaction certain pages receive. In short, it measures how many people are at least checking out your brand or business. Influencer marketing spurs this by getting the word out from a trusted source to a waiting audience.

Brand engagement is the next step of brand awareness because it is when potential customers take action. No longer are they simply looking at your content, they are now interacting with it! This means sharing posts, liking posts, leaving comments, and sending direct messages. This next step occurs when the potential customers are ready to learn more about your product or service. Usually, brand engagement is the direct step before a sale. Influencer marketing makes this step easier because it provides a space where liking, commenting, sharing, and messaging is simple and effortless.

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