Should the marketing model change?


‘Change is a constant’, a mantra that is constantly bandied around the marketing industry.

When marketing leaders discuss organisational change they offer exciting and insightful suggestions to shake up inertia and unlock potential within businesses. However, while the descriptors “agile”, “nimble” and “dynamic” are often discussed in terms of cultural change and structure, the evolving nature of the marketing discipline itself is rarely touched upon.

If it is, it’s approached very tentatively – almost as if no-one wants to look too closely at the marketing model that has served companies and marketers so well until relatively recently.

Perhaps the reason there has been a reluctance to scrutinise too hard is the fear the cracks will begin to show.

When the marketing world began, the discipline was grounded in the famous ‘4Ps’ of price, product, promotion and place and marketers will have had these levers drilled into them. But thanks to digital revolution, the world and our customers have moved on.

In summary, the model proposes 10 elements broken down into four stages: strategy, analysis, planning, execution. And it blends the old core principles with the skills needed to maximise the opportunities presented by the new digital world.

The skills, role and responsibilities of a marketer have and will continue to change to meet this evolving landscape.

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