The reason why marketing plans fail

The right customer needs to be accurately placed

This task is often the job of the marketing strategy rather than the plan that’s built to support the strategy.

But wherever this process takes place, time spent defining and attempting to understand the target market, the right customer, is essential.

Flawed data can send marketing teams rushing off to create inaccurate and unsound personas… which in turn spawn useless creative briefs and blemished media plans.

 Other sins of omission, identified by Nicholas McDonough, Director of Marketing & Strategy, Verbatim…

“Not doing proper research and analysis, not looking for untapped market share opportunities, lack of content strategy, and cookie cutter automation.”

The Pitfalls Of Plunging Into Marketing

“Most entrepreneurs start too late on the chain,” says international speaker and entrepreneur Tracy Repchuk.

“They jump onto planning a social media strategy, and identifying platforms, schedules and broadcast content – without making sure the overall message thread and unique selling proposition of the brand, has been established.”

The Unique Selling Proposition, a concept developed by Roesser Reeves in the 1950s, draws us back to the target market. It cannot be written without identifying and understanding the desired customer.

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