You have got a tough job. It’s always been tough, but now it must feel like it’s almost impossible to achieve your goals. With the world getting a tighter grip on it’s purse strings like never before, good causes, like yours are in danger of being bottom of most people’s list when it comes to their budget.

New world financial order, needs new thinking

It may be the case that your old strategies and processes for gaining valuable donations are not working anymore. There is probably nothing wrong with them, but in the current climate and with current social trends, perhaps a new approach is needed. Maybe new revenue streams can be generated through a more innovative route, ideas that are more akin to marketing a brand or service rather than a charity. Perhaps you need a smarter way to use your vital marketing budget or a more efficient use of your staff and volunteers.

New ideas to bring in new supporters

Charities like all operations will undergo change. Businesses gain new customers and new markets, so charities can find support from new people. Just because your current supporters have a certain profile doesn’t mean that you can’t attract new people to your cause. It just requires some fresh thinking, some new ideas, a new approach.

Maybe the first thing is to approach a new marketing agency.

Not you?

So you’re not a Charity, but don’t worry because at Level Marketing our focus is on you and your business, no matter how big or small.


Worry the competition from the outset


Small businesses need big ideas too

Big Business

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