Getting your start up business off the ground can be a time consuming and stressful operation. There’s so much more than your product or service to worry about. In fact that’s normally the bit that is squared away. With everything else to worry about, it’s easy for most start up businesses to put marketing to the back of their mind, but they really shouldn’t.

Worry the competition from the outset

Launch your business properly and it’s the competition that will be worried, because many established businesses don’t have the basics right. To help you, we have created a little checklist of things you need to get right from the start. This is by no means a complete list, just a few things to consider.

Kick start up

We have worked with many start up businesses, just like yours. Some have come to us very early on and some later in their evolution. We have helped these businesses get a foothold in the marketplace, by creating start up marketing, branding and communication strategies that could be implemented straight away. We have also done this with a very clear understanding of the budget considerations that are usually prevalent in most start ups.

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Your business name

Is it memorable, is it different?

Your brand identity

Not just a logo, but an identity that becomes synonymous with your business.

Your tone of voice

Who are you? What are you? What language and phrases do you use? Are you serious or playful, forceful or restrained?

Your marketing strategy

Do you have one? Do you know your customers inside out? Do you know the best way to reach your audience?

Marketing collateral

What do you need to promote your business? Do you need packaging, stationary, brochures, leaflets, uniforms, interior design of premises, signage?

Online presence

How is your website going to be used? Have you got the right url? What about microsites? Social networking? PPC? SEO? Email Marketing?

Not you?

So you’re not a Start Up, but don’t worry because at Level Marketing our focus is on you and your business, no matter how big or small.


Small businesses need big ideas too

Big Business

Better marketing and better results.


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