We love working with clients and they love working with us.
Here’s what they say…
“We had no second thoughts about engaging Level Marketing, after we met them.  Nearly 18 months on, from the start of our project; we have been delighted with their attention to detail and their consistent high energy.
They are so much more than a communications agency. Level Marketing seem to have a genuine insight into how to reach the consumer and how to change their behaviour. I can’t speak more highly of the team at Level, they really did feel like an extention of our firm rather than an external supplier.
A fantastic team, and a great result.”
“What can I say. Level Marketing seem to have a sixth sense for what works and what doesn’t. Ignore them at you peril. Such a great bunch to work with and the results speak for themselves.”
GAIL COLLETT – MBNA (Bank of America)
“I approached Level to produce our new website and a company brochure and they did a really, really great job. They seemed to understand what we wanted straight off the bat and we’ve had no end of compliments on it from both our clients and suppliers. They advised us to go with a gloss lamination on a matt lam cover with no image other than the overall black cover, on the brochure and it looked amazing.
We are a global company and it’s difficult to have uniformity in everything we do, but due to the quality of the work alone, anything else we have done around the world doesn’t look anywhere near as good. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Level Marketing to anyone and in fact I’ve made my case to our board that we really need to stick with Level, as they just seem to have ‘the magic’ that makes everything they do, so very special.”
“Level have been amazing! Whenever we need anything, we just call up and normally, within minutes, the amend appears on the site. We wouldn’t be were we are now, without the team at Level. Katy is always so patient with us and nothing is too much trouble her. She is so lovely to deal with and we feel very lucky to have Level as our online partner.”
“Level Marketing really do, do, what it says on the tin. I had no one else in mind when I first started my own company. I had previously worked with Level, and I was so pleased with the outcome, that I can honestly say, I wouldn’t work with anyone else.
Within 12 months of starting my company and listening to the fantastic advise from Level, I had an offer for a buy out. It was in no small way, thanks to Level creating a brand that was so saleable.”
“I have worked with Ken and the Level Team in two different companies. They supported me and my team in my previous role, so well, that I knew, if I moved companies, I’d have to take them with me! They have not disappointed me in my new position.
Ken is a credit to Level and his team are such a fantastic support for myself that I know, if I move again, they will be coming with me again.”
“I met Ken through a mutual contact, and he was instantly likeable. We chatted about the new website, I had, had produced a number of months previous by another company and I was tapping him for information on how to get my site SEO’d.
After Ken looked at the build of the site, he said the reason I was appearing nowhere on any of the search engines was because my site hadn’t been built properly. I don’t know much about websites and I felt the company who I had paid a fair sum of money to, to produce me a website, had all but ripped me off.
Ken produced a new website (a much better looking site, and it was cheaper too) and within no time, I was ranking either 2nd (organic) on the first page of Google. Delighted doesn’t cover it! I’ve been so busy with new work, that I’m currently looking to employ a couple of new staff members.”
“We approached Level Marketing as a new start-up with a vision for a new food brand and product range. Ken and his team worked with us as our pseudo Marketing function to deliver the complete Brand package including, Brand name, Packaging Design, Web-site, Social Media and graphics for our launch Trade Exhibition. Not only was the end result fabulous but as importantly, we really enjoyed working with whole team at Level.”