Want to get verified on twitter? Now you can.


Want to get verified on twitter? Now you can.

For years normal twitter users like you and I would look for anyway to get verified just so we could have that little blue tick next to our name, but it was impossible, you either had to be an A list celebrity or a massive news firm to be able to get verified, now however its much easier…Ish.

Now twitter users can apply to get verified, that’s right you have to apply to get verified on your twitter profile. Filling out a form and expressing to the twitter gods on how you can become verified is all you have to do, although its not quite that simple; in order to get be considered you’ll have to have at least some social significance or have a page that is relatively well known and is in the public eye.

So the steps are; Make sure to have a fully complete profile with a profile picture, cover photo, name and website all on your page, you’ll also need to fill out your twitter bio with the relative information about yourself, hobbies, interests etc. Then you’ll have to add a verified phone number to your profile, don’t worry your number will be private and only visible to you and then you’ll have to confirm your email address too, don’t forget to add your birthday also.

Then you’ll have to set your profile to ‘public’ so that everyone can see your tweets, now when all that is complete you have to do the tricky bit. Visit Twitters official site then go to the verification section, from there you’ll have to fill in an application form, basically you have to talk about yourself and explain why you deserve to be verified. It’s a long drawn out ordeal but eventually if you’re successful, you’ll look like a celebrity, good luck!

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